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The modern Probus movement was started as an off-shoot from Rotary Clubs in 1965.

The object of Probus Clubs is to promote good fellowship amongst retired professional and business men. The clubs are non-political and non sectarian and are not usually directly involved in charity fund raising. There is no central organisation or control. Each club has its own constitution and rules and is self determining in respect of its joining fee and annual subscription. Most clubs restrict membership to about 50 with the object of ensuring close fellowship and friendships between members.

Clubs meet once a month for morning coffee followed by a speaker and then luncheon. Many of them run a number of additional social activities which may include skittles, bridge, golf, day outings or short breaks. Whilst the clubs exist for male membership, most include their ladies and/or widows of past members, as associate members who take part in club social events and join the men for lunch on special occasions.

Within the Borough of Christchurch area there are six Probus Clubs which owe their origin to initiatives by past Rotarians.

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